Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Like Us

The bodega door banged open and a rat darted into the afternoon rush on Gerard Avenue.

“He’s probably looking for work,” a man said.

“Rats are never out of work in this city,” someone shot.

“They’re gonna be tearing down the old Yankee Stadium,” the man explained. “That will put a lot of ‘em out on the streets.”

“They’ll just move over to the new Stadium,” someone fired back.

“There’s nothing to eat in the new place,” the man said. “Nobody has dumped any popcorn or dropped any peanuts or left any of those big pretzels under the seats.

“The rats will get moved into the new Stadium for Opening Day,” the man continued. “But first they gotta make it through the winter just like us.”


Pete said...

I guess making it through the winter is the goal of all of us. Best of luck to the local rats.

Henry said...

Getting through the winter is a fulltime job for sure.

JoeyBoy said...

I forgot that the rats will also have to move. Things are tough all over.