Monday, October 6, 2008

Keeping The Faith

The guys gathered around Juan Carlos’s coffee cart couldn’t look each other in the eye this morning. They gripped their steaming cups, ripped into glazed donuts and nervously toed the sidewalk.

The silence grew unbearable and Juan Carlos took action.

“Did you guys pull a bank job together?” he asked.

There was nervous laughter, but no one looked up.

“So what did all of you do this weekend?” Juan Carlos asked.

“Watched baseball,” someone muttered.

“So that’s what this is about,” Juan Carlos said. “You are guilty about pulling for another team. Who was it? Chicago? It couldn’t be Boston or Tampa Bay or the Angels, could it?”

“I wasn’t pulling for any of them,” someone snapped. “I hope they all lose.”

“But all of them can’t lose,” Juan Carlos pointed out.

“Hey,” someone fired. “You never know what can happen in this game. Anything is possible and you have to keep the faith.”


JoeyBoy said...

What if both the series in the American League go to five games? Then they are tied in extra innings and no one ever scores? I know it’s a long, long, extra long, super long shot but I will cling to that hope.

Olivia said...

Hey Joeyboy,
I guess you are just a hopeless romantic.

Henry said...

I would go with Chicago if I had to, but that is not looking real good right now. They are down 4-0 in the fourth.