Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Marcus always finds a seat on the 2 train.

“It’s easy when you have to be in early,” he explains. “I used to get to go in later, but the trains were so crowded. I’m much more comfortable with this trip.”

He’s certainly more comfortable than the men – Joe Girardi, Don Mattingly and Tony Pena – interviewing to be the next manager of the New York Yankees.

“I haven’t had to interview for a job in a long time,” Marcus says. “I feel for guys having to go through that.

“They would all be great managing this team,” he continues. “I can’t even say I have a favorite, but when it’s over I hope they can all get a seat in our dugout.”

It’s a comfortable thought.


Pete said...

I guess it is comfortable to think that way. However, it won’t happen.

Donna said...

Hey, Pete. You just never know…

Ben said...

Not a chance. Mattingly and Girardi both want to manage, and both should.

I like Girardi. (I'm partial to catchers.) But I realize that would be the more disruptive choice, because it would mean replacing most of the coaches. I'm comfortable with Mattingly. Pena seems like a courtesy interview.

Z said...

If you're going to hire Mattingly, why did you fire Torre? Mattingly is just a continuation of the Torre era. Girardi is the one who can shake things up a little. And if you didn't want to shake things up, then why fire Torre? I don't get the Mattingly thing: it's betwixt and between.