Sunday, October 21, 2007

Something More

Javier took control of the conversation on an autumn day in the park.

“They can’t explain how we feel on television or in a newspaper,” he told the group gathered around his bench.

“But everyone believes the stories,” someone said.

“Why do you care what anyone else believes?” Javier snapped. “This is our home and our baseball team.

“Things change all the time,” Javier continued. “We get new neighbors and they always bring something more.

“Plenty of people can’t understand that,” he goes on. “They want everything to stay the same and they want everyone to look the same and dress the same and talk the same.”

Change is what makes this city and will remake it again and again.

“Other places stand still,” Javier explains, “but we keep moving. Joe Torre moves out and someone else will move in.”

And they’ll bring something more because they always do.


Henry said...

The more people think about this, the more I’m hearing them say that this is going to be a positive move.

Donna said...

I have to agree. The papers are making a much bigger deal of this whole "Joe Torre Thing" than it really is.