Friday, October 26, 2007

Local Support

All baseball is local.

They can make rules that define when it’s okay for a team to make news. They can film commercials and talk up the World Series, but baseball will always be local.

There’s nothing more local than the Crown Diner at the corner of East 161st Street and Gerard Avenue.

“I heard we can’t announce our manager until after the World Series,” Jon says between bites of his BLT.

“Yeah,” Javier says. “I read that Hank Steinbrenner said ‘we will obviously honor the wishes of the commissioner.’”

Jon laughs. “The commissioner, huh? How many tickets does he buy?”

“The commissioner wants you to care about the World Series,” Javier explains.

“I care about my baseball team,” Jon says. “I care so damn much that I spend every spare nickel on it. They never have any trouble taking my money and now they want to tell me what to care about, too.”

“I just want to know who’s managing my team and what we’re doing to get ready for next year,” Jon continues. “Is that too much to ask?”

Apparently, it is.


Pete said...

I think everyone just wants to name the new manager and move forward. Holding it up for the World Series makes no sense. If an announcement like this takes something away from the World Series than there wasn’t much there to begin with.

Donna said...

There is not much to the World Series outside the two cities involved. That’s the point and that’s a fact.