Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Long Way Off

Henry is at Yankee Stadium today.

This isn’t exactly news because he’s always there, but people in this neighborhood will take what they can get these days.

“Brian Cashman came in early,” Henry says. “I haven’t seen any players because they’re all gone for the winter.”

Henry is not at his best because more than five months stand between him and the next game.

“I’m not sure of the exact date,” Henry says, “but Opening Day is a long way off.”

Henry will run through the schedule like lines of poetry once it’s released. He’ll have the answers if you need to know who the Yankees are playing on April 17 or July 10 or September 14 or any other day.

He can also tell you Derek Jeter’s batting average and Mariano Rivera’s saves total and Chien-Ming Wang’s ERA and Alex Rodriguez’s career home runs.

He’d like to talk some real baseball, but there isn’t much to say.

“It’s all a long way off.”

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Donna said...

It is way, way too long until opening day.