Sunday, October 28, 2007

First Question

The end is coming.

“It can’t come soon enough,” says Javier outside a bodega on Gerard Avenue. “Every day there’s new speculation about which guy is going to get the job.”

Who will be the next Yankee manager – Don Mattingly, Joe Girardi or Tony Pena – has been the only question asked in this neighborhood for more than a week.

“It’s one baseball story I’m actually tired of talking about,” says Javier. “There isn’t a bad choice so all the debates just seem pointless.”

And there’s plenty of pressing business.

“We need to sign our cleanup hitter (Alex Rodriguez), our catcher (Jorge Posada), our closer (Mariano Rivera) and make sure the big lefty (Andy Pettitte) is coming back, too,” Javier explains. “And don’t forget about picking up Bobby Abreu’s contract option.

“There’s plenty of questions,” continues Javier. “So let’s answer this one and move on.”

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Henry said...

I couldn’t have said it better myself.