Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I like Hank Steinbrenner.

I like everything he says. I like the way he and his brother, Hal, are helping their father run the Yankees. I like the way he relies on baseball people to make baseball decisions. Mostly, I like the pride he’s shown in this team.

“We’re the Yankees,” Hank told reporters yesterday when asked about the direction of the team. “We’ll always be the Yankees. We are going to contend for a championship...”

The Steinbrenner family has always been committed to this baseball team and they expect the same from everyone.

“My example is Derek Jeter,” Hank continued yesterday. “He has wanted to play for the Yankees all his life, and he understands what this team is all about. That’s what we want.”

That kind of pride makes me feel good about counting on Hank Steinbrenner the same way I’ve always counted on his father.

Yeah, I like the man.


Pete said...

I wasn’t sure about Hank at first. Now, I like him. He sounds more and more like his father. That’s good to hear.

Henry said...

I think he has done well in his new position. It is not as easy as everyone thinks.