Friday, October 19, 2007


I’ll start with a confession: I love Joe Torre. I love his style and his calm and his passion. I am taken by the heart and talent that made him a great ballplayer and the determination and skill that made him the finest manager of his generation and maybe the finest of any generation.

Someday, there will be a Joe Torre Day at Yankee Stadium. No one else will ever wear the number 6 and he will go into the Hall of Fame as a New York Yankee. He’s earned all the credit and all the memories.

I’ll finish with another confession: I think it’s time to move on. Torre knows it. The Yankees know it, too. There’s nothing to fault and no one to blame. This is just how baseball goes sometimes.

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Donna said...

Twelve years is about 9 baseball lifetimes for a manager. This will probably work out best for everyone.