Monday, October 22, 2007


This week’s agenda was sketched out on the 2 train:

“Getting a new manager is the first priority,” said Jon from Highbridge. “After that, we can move ahead with the rest of the coaching staff and the free agents.”

“You talk like you’re gonna have something to do with it,” said Edwin from Harlem. “Are you The Boss’s long lost son?”

The rest of the guys laughed, but Jon didn’t see the humor.

“I do my part,” he shot. “All the tickets and shirts and hats and scorecards I buy are part of what makes this team competitive every year. The other part is having an owner who invests my money in baseball instead of putting it in his pocket.”

The group nods in agreement.

“I’ve got a good deal with The Boss,” Jon continues. “I can trust him with my money because he always does his absolute best to put a winning team on the field.”

“So you are kinda like family,” Edwin offered.

“Yeah,” Jon said. “I guess I am.”

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Pete said...

Everyone who supports the Yankees is a “stock holder.” They do everything possible to win. You can count the other MLB teams that do that on one hand.