Tuesday, October 9, 2007


A few stayed in their seats and ignored the humid night and the departing crowd and the scoreboard, which read Cleveland 6, Yankees 4. The game was over. The season was over. But the heartbreak had just begun.

“It hurts,” said Javier from Walton Avenue. “I’m an old man, but it feels just like when I was a kid. I guess you never out grow this empty feeling.

“It sounds silly,” he continued, “but I feel like I came a long way with this team. The injuries and the struggles were rough, but getting to know the kids was a lot of fun. It was a great year around here and I just wish it wasn’t over.”

The end is the hardest part.

“The Yankees bring a lot of life to this neighborhood,” Javier said. “Next year seems so far a way right now.”

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Henry said...

It is sad to see the season go, but “we’ll get ‘em next year.”