Monday, July 28, 2008

Coming Home

The Yankees are coming home tonight.

Jon from Highbridge started preparations early this morning.

“I helped my daughter pack her bag,” he said. “There is stuff she likes to bring to every game: Her Yankees coloring book and a picture of Derek Jeter and her pink baseball glove.”

Jon settled into a seat at the back of the 2 train as it rumbled downtown.

“I’m getting to work early so I can leave in time to pick her up from school,” he explained. “We’ll get to the Stadium and catch a little batting practice and then get popcorn before the game starts. She always wants cotton candy, but we make a deal and get the big bucket of popcorn. It lasts the whole game and we can share.

“I’ve got a busy day at work,” Jon continued, “but I’m gonna be thinking about the game for most of it. Maybe this is the night she catches a foul ball with that pink glove.”

He smiled and said:

“I glad they’re coming home tonight.”


Donna said...

That is a nice story. I know they will have a good time.

Ron W. said...

I hope they get to see a win. Let’s Go Yanks!

JoeyBoy said...

The game ended up a blowout. I hope they had fun anyway.