Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whatever It Takes

Sometimes there is only one way to win a baseball game. But there are always thousands of ways to lose.

The Yankees spent 12 innings and nearly five hours avoiding the thousands in their quest for the one. What they needed was a cut-fastball that hit Jose Molina’s knee with the bases loaded.

“Whatever it takes,” Molina told reporters. “It feels good because we won the game, but it hurts.”

Molina felt a bit better when he walked out of the players’ gate and the crowd yelled his name. He smiled and waved.

“That’s the way to take one for the team,” someone shouted.

Molina smiled, again.

Whatever it takes.


Henry said...

A win is a win. They all feel good. Of course, I didn’t have to take that pitch off my knee.

JoeyBoy said...

Jose Molina gets the job done. That is what counts.

Jessica Lee said...

This is the game I will be crazy if they lose, especially when you consider this game starts at 3am in Australia.

Todd Drew said...

Wow, a 3 am first pitch. Your dedication to the Yankees is second-to-none, Jessica.