Thursday, July 3, 2008


The 2 train was quiet this morning.

“There had been a lot of fretting over the last few days,” admitted Jon from Highbridge. “But I think everyone feels better after last night’s win.”

Jon laughed to himself.

“Fretting?” he shot. “I sound like my grandmother. That’s what we’ve been doing though. We fret about everything: the hitting, the pitching, the defense, the injuries.

“All of us are guilty,” Jon continued. “Even the most positive fans fret after a loss. I hope they keep winning because I’d like to keep it to a minimum for the rest of the season. I do better as the calm-confident type.”

Jon tried to hold back, but finally burst out laughing.

“I’ll be fretting the first time they don’t score nine runs in an inning,” he admitted. “It’s not pretty, but it makes my grandmother proud.”


JoeyBoy said...

FRETTING – definition: what we fans do best.

Donna said...

He sounds like my grandmother too.