Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Javier tugged my elbow after yesterday’s game and whispered the news.

“We traded for Pudge.”

The specifics of the deal spread quickly through the crowd that was gathered outside the players’ gate at Yankee Stadium.

“That’s a great move,” said Jon from Highbridge. “It’s too bad that we lose Kyle Farnsworth, but Pudge Rodriguez will be a difference maker going down the stretch.”

Javier nodded.

“I can’t wait for Pudge to get here,” he said, “but I still hate to see Kyle go.”

Farnsworth was the last to leave the clubhouse. He carried an equipment bag over his shoulder, a cardboard box under one arm and an overstuffed shopping bag in his other hand. He set everything on the ground and came over to say goodbye to the fans that were left outside the players’ gate.

“Thanks, Kyle,” said someone offering their hand.

“You’ll do great in Detroit,” said someone else. “Just don’t comeback and beat us.”

Farnsworth forced a smile and then signed every autograph and shook every hand.

It’s hard to say goodbye.

But today we get to say hello to Pudge.


Ron W. said...

Say hey to Pudge for me!

Seriously, this is a good trade for both teams. I wish Farnsy well. Now let’s go beat up on those Angels!

JoeyBoy said...


JoeyBoy said...

OK, Let's get 'em tonight. Go Sidney!