Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Part Of The Game

Mike Mussina has been a ballplayer for most of his life. He knows how the game works and he knows that sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

“I had good stuff and so did their guy,” Mussina told reporters after last night’s 2-1 loss. “Texas has been scoring a lot of runs and I was able to hold them down pretty good, but that’s just the way it happened tonight.”

Sometimes it works out differently.

“There have been days when I’ve given up runs early and we’ve come back and won,” Mussina pointed out. “It’s all part of the game.”


JoeyBoy said...

I realize it is part of the game, but I would really, really like the Yanks to put up a bunch of runs tonight.

Henry said...

Hey, Pete Abe gave YFJ a nice shout out.

Donna said...

A good job by Moose.