Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day-To-Day Life

Baseball is a day-to-day life.

A 4-for-4 evening can turn into an 0-for-4 afternoon in just a few hours. That’s always made the game less about how a man hits and more about how he gets back up.

Bobby Murcer could hit – 252 home runs and a .277 career batting average – but he was best at getting back up.

And he was always up for baseball.

The Yankees won on the day that Murcer finally lost his fight with brain cancer. The victory seemed hallow, but I’m sure it wasn’t to Murcer.

I can hear his voice bouncing from the television:

“That was a great win for the Yankees…”

Every win is great win and every day is great day.

Bobby Murcer showed us all how to live a day-to-day life.


JoeyBoy said...

Bobby Murcer will be missed by all Yankee fans.

DMan said...

A true Yankee. He'll always be remembered.

Ron W. said...

Bobby Murcer will be a Yankee always. RIP.

Donna said...

I grew up listing to Bobby and Scooter. Now I’m missing both of them. It's very sad.