Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moose Calls

Javier woke up with a plan in his head this morning.

“We need to do something for Mike Mussina,” he announced to the guys at Juan Carlos’s coffee cart. “We’ve got our three All Stars – Derek, A-Rod and Mariano – and we wore mustaches to try and get Giambi in. But Moose has been forgotten and he shoulda been an All Star, too.”

The guys all nodded.

“Moose made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal when he got passed over for the All-Star Game,” Javier said. “He explained how he would just go to the county fair and have fun with his kids.”

Javier unfolded a map, pinned it to the side of the coffee cart and stuck his finger on Hughesville, Pennsylvania.

“We should go to that county fair in honor of Moose,” Javier said. “We can eat corn dogs and funnel cakes and drive the bumper cars.”

Javier turned to blank stares.

“I love Moose,” someone finally said, “but I don’t have time to go to a country fair in Pennsylvania.”

“Can we, at least, give him some extra-loud Moose calls on Friday night?” Javier asked.

Everyone nodded and then they started:

“Mooooose. Mooooooose. Moooooooooooose.”


Donna said...

I am sure that being able to pitch in the All-Star Game would have been a great honor for Mussina. I bet he would rather pitch in the World Series though. The Yankees need a great second half from him just like the first half.

JoeyBoy said...

I will be at the game on Friday and will go all out with the Moose calls.