Saturday, September 29, 2007


Javier went for a chocolate donut this morning.

“I know it’s not good for me,” he said, “but it’s tasty and this is the weekend. Oatmeal is fine most days, but you’ve got to have some balance in your life.”

Joe Torre is trying to find that same balance with the playoff-bound Yankees.

“Some of the guys are getting a break,” Javier said. “They need it because they’ve been climbing uphill for months.

“This is like Spring Training all over again,” he continued. “They just need to get everyone ready for next week because that’s when the games mean something again.”

Javier polished off his donut and washed it down with the last of his coffee.

“Okay,” he smiled. “One more chocolate donut and then it’s back to oatmeal.”


Donna said...

All they need to do is get ready for next week. I’ll eat oatmeal every day for the rest of my life if they win. Let’s Go Yankees!

Pete said...

What do you mean “if they win?” The Yanks are going to win the whole damned thing!

Donna said...

O.K., when they WIN!