Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I Am Nicaraguan

I am Nicaraguan on this day when everything is on the line for my people.

I am Nicaraguan for everyone in Region Autonoma del Atlantico Norte and for those hit hardest by the hurricane in Punta Gorda and Puerto Cabezas.

I am Nicaraguan for Marvin Benard and Porfi Altamirano and Albert Williams and Tony Chevez and David Green and Devern Hansack and Vicente Padilla because baseball is most important when everything else is falling apart.

I am Nicaraguan for Dennis Martinez who defines baseball in his country.

I am Nicaraguan for Roberto Clemente who died nearly 35 years ago bringing relief to earthquake-ravaged Managua.

I am Nicaraguan for everyone suffering. I want them to pull together and pull through. I want that for them and for me and for us because we are all Nicaraguan.


Donna said...

Thanks for the reminder that a lot of good people are having their lives torn apart today. I hope they get better help than we gave New Orleans.

Pete said...

They are getting pounded by the hurricane. I hope we learned from Katrina and pitch in to help, but I am not counting on it. We are simply too busy destroying countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to help anyone.

Henry said...

Very nice thought. We ARE all Nicaraguan.