Saturday, September 15, 2007


Lenny from Highbridge looked down a nearly empty 2 train this morning.

“When Abreu drilled that ball to center I knew Jeter was gonna score,” he said. “I was right with him.”

He eased up from his seat and dropped a newspaper on the floor. “He read it off the bat and nothing could stop him.”

Lenny scampered down the isle forcing the few riders on the train to lift their feet. He touched the far pole, flew back and slid into the newspaper. “Tie game!” he yelled.

Getting to his feet, he continued: “And Abreu went to third and A-Rod drove him in and Vizcaino was great and Posada’s throw and Mariano, wow, Mariano. You really had to see it.”

Or be on the 2 train this morning.


Pete said...

That was a terrific win. Everyone is still excited about it. Let’s get another one today!

Henry said...

We need to keep it going...