Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Kid

Shelley Duncan smiled as he walked toward the crowd gathered near the players’ gate. He headed for a kid holding out a ball and a pen and then moved on to everyone else.

“Give me a high-five,” said Lonnie from Highbridge.

Duncan laughed and kept signing everything thrust his way.

“Just one high-five,” Lonnie pleaded. “Give me one like you do the guys.”

Duncan finally leaned over and slapped Lonnie’s hand.

“All right!”

“We love you Shelley,” a woman shirked.

“Yeah,” another said. “You’re the best.”

“Hey,” someone yelled, “it’s Don Mattingly.”

The chant started: “Donnie Baseball. Donnie Baseball. Donnie Baseball...”

“I guess Shelley knows what it’s like to be the new kid in the neighborhood,” Lonnie said. “Not that there’s anything wrong with being the new kid.

“Ian Kennedy should be coming out soon.”

1 comment:

Henry said...

Duncan brings a lot of energy to the team. What more can you say about Ian Kennedy other than he was GREAT!