Monday, September 17, 2007


Baseball stories age well.

The famous bases-loaded showdown between Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson in the 1942 Negro League World Series has taken many forms:

Paige may have “intentionally” walked two batters to load ‘em up for Gibson. And he may have said “I’m gonna throw smoke at your yoke,” and “I’m gonna throw a pea at your knee.”

The trainer may have come to the mound with a big cup of bubbling bicarbonate to settle Paige’s stomach.

The one sure thing is that Paige blew a fastball past Gibson to end the inning.

There is less mystery surrounding last night’s bases-loaded showdown between Mariano Rivera and David Ortiz, but it was still a classic.

“I tried to make it interesting,” Rivera said. “That wasn’t my intention at all. It just happens.”

A one-run lead with the bases full and Ortiz at the plate is often a recipe for disaster, but Rivera finished the game with a cutter that was popped to short centerfield.

“That’s my best pitch,” said Rivera. “That’s his powerhouse and we went strength verses strength.”

There’s no better baseball story than that.


Henry said...

It is fun to think about now, but it was no fun watching it. I would have rather had a 1-2-3 inning. Ortiz with the bases loaded is too much.

Wolf In Pinstripes said...

It was a near heart-attack for the second time on one weekend, but the best vs. the best is always exciting - especially when it ends in your favor.

Time to take care of Daniel Cabrera tonight. It can be done.