Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tough Enough

Tough teams win tough games and tough players make the difference.

The Yankees needed every bit of grit to pull out a win against the Orioles last night

Phil Hughes was plenty tough after giving up two runs in the first inning. Edwar Ramirez got a bases-loaded strikeout in the sixth and Luis Vizcaino did the same in the seventh. Mariano Rivera finished the game with a strikeout, too.

Doug Mientkiewicz had the toughest at-bat. Hard-throwing Daniel Cabrera hit Jason Giambi and Robinson Cano to bring Mientkiewicz up with the bases loaded. He dug in and drilled a two-RBI single.

There was tough play all around: big hits by Cano and Bobby Abreu and Hideki Matsui and Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter and then there was Johnny Damon diving across home plate on a sacrifice fly by Alex Rodriguez.

Tough, tougher and toughest. That’s the way the team is playing these days.

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Donna said...

They just need to keep it up.