Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Fun

Phil Rizzuto taught us about baseball.

“The Scooter never let you forget that this game is fun,” said Javier. “We take it seriously around here and sometimes we forget that. This was a refresher course.”

The Yankees honored Rizzuto’s memory before yesterday’s game. Reggie Jackson told stories and so did Bobby Murcer. Bill White and Yogi Berra were there and so was the Rizzuto family. There were video tributes and flowers and music and everyone cheered.

“He was the best,” said Javier. “New York will always love him because he made us smile and taught us how much fun baseball can be.”

And there’s nothing more fun than a Monday afternoon ballgame.

“Yeah,” Javier smiled.

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Pete said...

I’m ready to ditch work and head to the ballyard myself. Let’s go Yanks!