Saturday, September 8, 2007

Draw It Up

That’s the way you draw up Yankees wins these days – hand a lead to Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera and shake hands when it’s over – unless you’re my stomach which was tied in knots during the last three innings.

Maybe it was because I wanted so badly for Chamberlain to pitch well in front of his family – especially his father Harlan – who traveled to Kansas City from Lincoln, Nebraska.

It probably also had something to do with the tight playoff race and it certainly had plenty to do with being stuck in front of a television.

Television baseball is a poor substitute for real baseball and after a nine-game homestand it took some time to make the adjustment. It always does.

You feel like part of the game at the Stadium: watching, scoring, cheering, waving home runs over the wall and slapping hands with your neighbors.

In front of the television you are isolated and your wife keeps telling you to quiet down so the neighbors don’t call the cops.

Road trips are rough, but I’ll take it if the Yankees keep drawing up wins.


Donna said...

That was a great win because they haven’t played well on the road this year. Taking a late lead and holding on was fantastic. Let’s do it again!

Henry said...

Let’s just keep on rolling along.