Friday, September 28, 2007


There aren’t many easy days in the Bronx, but this feels like one.

“What happened to all the pressure?” Javier asks the crowd bellied up to the counter at the Crown Diner. “Don’t you guys have anything to worry about?”

“Just regular stuff,” Jon says. “The rent’s due on Monday and I’ve gotta work this weekend and the laundry bag is full.

“But everything is coming together for the Yanks,” he continues. “That’s what really matters.

“More coffee for the whole place. I’m buying!”

Everyone laughs.

“You guys always have something to hash over,” Javier says. “Aren’t you worried about the playoffs? What about Cleveland or the Angels or Boston?”

“The Yankees can beat any of them,” Jon says. “They can play through October and knock off everyone. They are a good team and these are good days.”


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Pete said...

The team can use a few “easy days” to get ready for the playoffs.