Wednesday, September 5, 2007


There isn’t much talk on the 2 train at 7 a.m. Most people are reading newspapers or taking naps, but a man piped up this morning.

“Can someone help me with directions?” he asked. “I’m trying to get to the Statue of Liberty.”

An awkward stillness hovered before a man looked over his paper and said, “You’re on the right train. Just transfer to the 1 at Chambers Street and it’ll drop you right there.”

“Thanks, I haven’t been to New York City before,” the tourist said. “I’m doing the sights early because I’ve got tickets to see the Yankees tonight.”

“Where are you sitting?” someone asked.

“Don’t know,” the tourist answered as he fished a ticket out of his wallet. “Have a look.”

“Tier box behind the plate,” someone said. “Good seat.”

“Cheer Phil (Hughes) to a win,” said someone else. “We need another big game.”

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Donna said...

The short holiday week has a lot of tourists in the city. Most of them seem pretty cool like this guy.